Caring for the Fabrics of Your California Swimwear

With all the exciting beach trips coming up, you should be more than prepared with your choice of wardrobe. After you made your pick on the style and color of your California swimwear, it’s time to head to the water.

But after a long day of swimming and fun in the sun, how can you take care of your bikinis or swimsuits? As various bikini styles come in different fabrics, proper care is needed to maintain their shape and durability. Below are some insights and care tips for your swimwear:

Proper Washing and Drying Methods

Crochet and lace bikinis are often made of cotton, and they can be prone to fraying when washed the wrong way. As soon as you come home from the beach, gently hand wash your swimsuits instead of popping them inside the machine. Machine washing can deform the cups, strings, and paddings of your swimwear.  After hand washing, avoid wringing them, but rather, you can roll them up in a dry towel to absorb the excess water. Lastly, leave the swimsuit out to air dry on a chair, away from direct sun exposure.

Be Mindful of Where You Sit

It is best to always sit on a towel after you swim, whether you’re by the poolside or at the beach. The stretchy fabrics of swimsuits can get frayed when you sit on rocks, the sand, or other places with rough surfaces.

Have an Extra Swimsuit on Hand

It is recommended that you have a different set of swimwear for water use, and a different pair for sunbathing. Sunbathing swimsuits tend to get more damaged due to the presence of lotions or oils, as well as the sun exposure. You may want to use an older suit for this purpose. You can have a pair that you have used more often, or one that you won’t mind getting extra exposed to the elements.


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