A Brief History of the California Bikini

The world has Frenchman Louis Reard to thank for inventing the very first bikini in 1946. Back then, swimsuits were mostly one-piece articles of clothing, showing very little skin to the relief of the conservative crowds. Continue reading


Two Helpful Tips for Swimwear Shopping

Buying swimwear isn’t nearly as fun an experience as actually being on the beach wearing it, but at least it should lend to the excitement of the affair. For some, though, it tends to be a rather stressful affair, especially when they can’t seem to find the right piece for them. Continue reading

Swimsuit Shopping Tips: Three Myths about Bathing Suits, Debunked

Remember when you went shopping for a swimsuit with your BFF and you had your eye on a really cute navy bikini, but she told you that you should find a black monokini instead because it will make you look slimmer? Although she’s on point, black isn’t the only color that will make those curves disappear—dark green, brown, charcoal gray, plum, and yes, navy can do the trick as well. Makes you wish you could have gone with your guts that time, doesn’t it?

Like so much of a woman’s wardrobe pieces, bathing suits are largely misunderstood. Here are three myths about them that deserve to be put to rest once and for all. Keep these in mind the next time you shop for bathing suits in California.

Swimwear and Your Body Type: Find the Perfect Match for the Best Look

Much like everything else, women come in all shapes and sizes, thereby making swimwear shopping in California a challenge for many. With the hot, summer months peeking at the corner and soon to turn beaches into the top spots to go to, you’ll want to have fun under the sun and look great while doing so. The key is to wear the best swimsuit that complements your body. Here are some tips:

Large Bust

As you may already now, ample support and less attention is what you require. Look for bikinis with bra-style tops that have adjustable straps, molded cups, and underwire. This way, you can run and frolic around without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. When browsing through the offerings of swimwear stores in California and looking for pieces to try, avoid those with plunging or detailed necklines, ruffles, and other embellishments that can draw attention to your décolletage. Swimsuits with higher backs are also effective in supporting your chest area.