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Caring for the Fabrics of Your California Swimwear

With all the exciting beach trips coming up, you should be more than prepared with your choice of wardrobe. After you made your pick on the style and color of your California swimwear, it’s time to head to the water. Continue reading


Two Helpful Tips for Swimwear Shopping

Buying swimwear isn’t nearly as fun an experience as actually being on the beach wearing it, but at least it should lend to the excitement of the affair. For some, though, it tends to be a rather stressful affair, especially when they can’t seem to find the right piece for them. Continue reading

The First-Timers’ Guide to Swimwear

Seeing other women don on swimsuit effortlessly is one thing. However, when it is you having your first encounter with bathing suits and bikinis, it’s another matter entirely. Wearing a swimwear for the first time can both be exhilarating and unnerving. Surely, it is easy to find one, right? Continue reading

Choose Your Swimwear Based on Your Body Type

Whether you have a curvy frame or an athletic build, there is a type of swimwear that will perfectly fit your body type. But with the wide array of styles, designs, and brands to choose from, finding that one perfect pair can be overwhelming.

If you’re in search of swimwear that’s right for you, you can narrow down your choices with the tips below.

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Stylish Beach Cover Ups

A beach cover up is the ideal way to finish off your stylish beach look. Whether you’re shading your body from the sun’s harsh rays or running to the convenience store for some sodas, a stylish cover up completes your look perfectly. As you put together your beach ensemble for summer, consider the following cover up styles.
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The Woes of Wearing Swimwear for the First Time

Girls who have been comfortable in wearing shirts and shorts all their lives while taking a dip in their local pool or beach, it’s time to step out of your shell. Wearing swimwear for the first time is as scary as any other first time for those that have been accustomed to modest swimming clothes.

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How to Properly Wash Your Swimwear

When you don your swimwear and head to one of the beautiful beaches or swimming pools, your swimsuit will be exposed to all sorts of materials. From the sun’s ultraviolet radiation to the pool chemicals and sea water, your suit will experience a variety of onslaught. Knowing how to properly wash your swimsuit after use can help you keep it looking as good as new.
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